xanthia lisle

Xanthia Lisle

Hi! Well, you found me! This is where I hang out doing all kinds of things in my free time… or what constitutes as free time, because I WORK and PLAY a lot in Second Life! Please browse to learn more about me and the different opportunities SL has afforded me! Send me an IM or drop me a notecard in SL to say hi! I love making new friends. See you there!Well, I wear a lot of Hats in Second Life… Here are some of them (see individual tabs for more info!)

  • Builder/Designer
  • Theatre Director, Dancer, Owner @ Moulin Rouge
  • DJ @ Various Clubs in SL
  • Roleplayer
  • Photographer
  • Instructor
  • Shopper Extraordinaire!

And all kinds of things to keep me out of trouble!

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